Sometimes I wear shorts for pants.

Okay I’m exaggerating but I got your attention. I don’t really wear shorts as pants. I wear shorts as shorts. And I wear pants as pants. From time to time I’ve been known to shrink my pants. In which case I’ve pretended their shorts but I digress. Stay on topic Jess. Right, pants. So how does one find the perfect pair!? Short girl problems #1 – #89 why are jeans modelled on Giangantor? I could potentially fit both legs into the one size. It literally drives be bonkers. Especially when you’re only 75% grown like I am. So what’s the formula, it’s certainly not revolutionary but I’ve recently found a few gems online through The label is refuge denim and I’ve picked up the oil riggers as well as the black onyx. Both are stretch and fit perfectly to my shape. It seems to work wonders with tucking and shaping.. Thank me later ladies!!