More me, less tacos, happier days.

I don’t know about all of you, but I always find myself reflecting deeply at the beginning of each year. A new chapter begins and I take the time out to set goals and plan for what’s ahead! I’ve just accepted a role at a new organisation starting next Monday, I’m about to move into my first home (hooray for adulthood) and I’m trying to get into a strong fitness regime so I don’t have to wear stretchy pants as often, plus I literally have no idea what I’m going  to do with all that junk, all that junk inside my trunk.

When I started my first corporate job, I attended training on communication and was taught the importance of presentation. Apparently, according to some guru somewhere, people form an opinion of you in literally seconds. Our brain does like real world tinder swipes just like that. So as I prepare myself for a new role, new team and new challenges I’ve taken the opportunity (*not like I needed a reason to shop) to refresh ze wardrobe!

I’ve never subscribed to the ol, woman-suit, I’ve always opted to mix and match my skirts and blazers. I love bold colours and patterns because life’s to short to wear grey. I’ve picked up some gorgeous little things which I can’t wait to share.. Since I love alls of you, it would be rude not to give ya’ll a sneak peak of my 2016 wardrobe..








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